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Our team’s culture positions us to work well with high-performance professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Simplify your financial life with PANGEA Personal Financial Planning™. Independent, strategy-first thinking for high-performance professionals & entrepreneurs.

Our offering is guided by transformational research stating that Canadians who engage in comprehensive financial planning report significantly higher levels of financial and emotional well-being than those who do no planning or only limited planning. A Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) study found that Canadians with financial plans feel they are saving more, living well, and experiencing higher levels of overall contentment in their lives. FPSC study findings show that:

51% of women report losing sleep due to financial stress

40% of men report losing sleep due to financial stress

42% of Canadians ranked money as their greatest stress

87% of Canadians wished they had made better financial decisions

7 in 10 Canadians do not have a comprehensive, written financial plan

The full FPSC study can be found at www.fpsc.ca

Members of our team have been featured in several high – profile media publications including; The Globe & Mail, Canadian Wealth Professional, HuffPost Business, Global News, CBC News.ca, The Toronto Star and The Financial Post.

PANGEA Personal Financial Planning™ – Simplify your financial life.

Integrity – Our process is guided by the CFP Code of Ethics. We recognize that we are placed by clients in positions of trust and confidence. The ultimate source of such public trust is our personal integrity. In deciding what is right and just, we rely on our integrity as the appropriate touchstone. Integrity demands honesty and candor that must not be subordinated to personal gain and advantage. Within the characteristic of integrity, allowance can be made for legitimate difference of opinion; but integrity cannot co-exist with deceit or subordination of one’s principles. We avoid activities that adversely affect the quality of our financial planning advice. Integrity requires the us to observe not only the letter but also the spirit of the Code.

Transparency & Objectivity – Our process includes disclosure and transparency. You will always know what you are paying, how your money is being invested and how we are being compensated. Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality. It is an essential quality for any professional. Regardless of the particular service rendered or the capacity in which we function, we protect the integrity of our work, maintain objectivity, and avoid the subordination of our judgment, which would be in violation of our Code.

Simplicity – our role is to demystify the financial planning process and financial issues you and your family face on a regular basis. Our financial plans simplify your life by placing all the facts on paper and providing a clear-cut guide to a successful financial life and transition. Clients seeking our services expect to develop a relationship of personal trust and confidence. This type of relationship must be built upon the understanding that information supplied to us is confidential. In order to provide financial planning effectively and to protect the client’s privacy, we safeguard the confidentiality of such information.

Family & Community – Thriving families & communities are vital to the on-going success of our nation. At PANGEA Personal Financial Planning our conduct maintains the good reputation of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest. We recognize that our part in creating successful families impacts the building of stronger communities that benefit all Canadians.

Pronounced pan-jee-aah, the word PANGEA is a neologism created from two ancient Greek words; pan meaning “all, entire or whole” and gaea meaning “earth or land.” The words taken together mean whole earth, all lands or entire earth. We chose the name because we believe it epitomizes our thinking. We recognize that while political boundaries create international separation, technology has unified the whole earth in a manner that makes the continents appear to fit harmoniously together as one. We care for families around the world and recognize that economic and geopolitical shifts will have some impact on the lives of the different family members whom we serve. We don’t claim to know everything that is happening at all times around the world, however we are diligent to keep watch and ask questions of our international partners.

Dedicated to redefining the wealth experience for families and communities around the world, we aim to be the institution whose clients are among the happiest in the regions where we operate. Our purpose has been inspired, in part, by research conducted at the New Economics Foundation (NEF) – economics as if people and the planet mattered. To learn more about the NEF’s forward thinking approach download their Happy Planet Index Report here:http://www.happyplanetindex.org/assets/happy-planet-index-report.pdf

PANGEA Global Wealth Group™ is a privately held, diversified financial services institution headquartered in Toronto, CANADA, home of one of the most innovative & stable financial markets in the world. PANGEA Personal Financial Planning Inc. is part of the PANGEA Global Wealth Group Corporation.

PANGEA Global Wealth Group™: Redefining your family wealth experience.