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PANGEA Global Wealth Group

About PANGEA Personal Financial Planning™:

Simplify your financial life with PANGEA Personal Financial Planning™. Independent, strategy-first thinking for high-performance professionals & entrepreneurs. Professional financial management is among the top reasons that clients choose our team. We understand that investment options can be complex, not to mention the dozens of financial acronyms that an investor has to learn while being bombarded with financial news from dozens of different sources. Part of our process also involves evaluating the risks in your family & business to reduce financial loss and protect your lifestyle. Proper planning is crucial to a comfortable lifestyle.

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Our Offering

PANGEA Personal Financial Planning™ delivers professional financial planning services in two distinct plan types:

1. Modular Financial Plan or

2. Comprehensive Financial Plan

Modular Financial Plan:

Modular financial planning allows our clients the flexibility to select specific areas of planning that they think will need our professional attention. Clients who select the modular plan type are usually experts in at least one area of the financial planning process. For example a chartered accountant client may already be an expert in tax, and therefore may not require our tax planning module.

Comprehensive Financial Plan:

Our comprehensive financial planning plan type is the more popular choice among our clients. Clients who select this plan type recognize the value of an integrated plan that considers, in detail, the six key areas of financial management within the plan. The comprehensive financial plan acts as a road map for their financial life that provides clarity and increases their confidence in making sound financial decisions.

Financial Management

Professional financial management is among the top reasons that clients choose our team. We simplify your financial life by clarifying how best to increase your cash flow, manage your credit & financing obligations and plan for the financial needs of your family. Our process includes formal documentation of our findings and recommendations to increase your confidence in making sound financial decisions.

Investment Planning

We understand that investment options can be complex, not to mention the dozens of financial acronyms that an investor has to learn while being bombarded with financial news from dozens of different sources. Our approach is to simplify this complexity through education and ongoing communication. After assessing your current investment holdings and providing our opinion, our regular review process ensures your investments remain in-line with your financial goals.

Insurance and Risk Management

While death and taxes are widely known as two certainties in life, we’re aware of yet another life certainty; change. If you become unable to provide for your family we assess the financial implications so you can make an informed decision to manage that risk. Part of our process involves evaluating the risks in your family & business to reduce financial loss and protect your lifestyle.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of our financial planning process. Our team of tax professionals focus on tax minimization & tax deferral strategies for both business and personal taxes. Our integrated tax planning process ensures that our business owner clients & high performance professional clients benefit from our holistic approach to tax management.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is generally an uncomfortable topic to talk about. We’ve tactfully broached sensitive issues like death and inheritance with a number of families and find the direct approach to be most effective. Our direct approach is thoughtful, respectful and professional all the while addressing family issues that you may not have thought about yet. While some of the circumstances we’ll discuss may be uncomfortable initially, you’ll appreciate that we incorporated your wishes into your overall plan for an uncomplicated transition for your family.

Retirement Planning

Proper planning is crucial to a comfortable lifestyle during your retirement years. Not only do we consider the impact that inflation has on your retirement income, we also forecast your estimated taxes, CPP income and look ahead for any OAS clawback. You may also have questions about whether you should take the commuted value of your pension versus the stream of payments – we can help you make a decision on the best option for your situation. Proper retirement planning is more that a calculated projection of numbers – it also considers the human elements of the transition. We can help with both.

How we’re different?

3 key points differentiate PANGEA Personal Financial Planning:

1. We are Independent!

We are not associated with or obligated to do business with any one specific institution nor are we bound by quarterly corporate sales targets which may taint advice. We partner with service providers who are professional, competent and based in your community who will help us achieve your desired results.

2. We offer Strategy-first thinking!

The advice we provide will address your short-term needs while our strategic thinking anticipates your long-term aspirations. Our process begins with fully understanding what is important to you. After we document our understanding of your financial goals, we verify it with you in a written plan. We then discuss the most appropriate options available to you during the implementation process. One key difference you’ll notice about us is that we don’t talk about financial solutions until we clearly understand what you want to achieve.

3. We deliver Simplicity and Clarity!

We are professionals with decades of experience who understand that the world of finance and wealth can be complex. Our offering simplifies our clients’ financial lives and provides clarity through education. We oversee most aspects of out clients’ financial lives educate our clients through each step of the process with a simple to understand reporting style.

Our Process

Introductory meeting: Are we the right professional fit?

We accomplish three things within the introductory meeting: 1. We share with you who we are, what we do and how we’re different. 2. We listen to your needs 3. We assess professional compatibility for a successful long term relationship. Where compatibility scores are low, we refer you to a partner we believe you will be highly successful working with together.

Formalizing our partnership: Signing letters of engagement.

Our professional financial planners work with the client to define and agree on the aspects of the financial planning relationship. Details are outlined in a written Letter of Engagement and signed by both parties.


Discovery meeting: Articulating your goals and dreams.

You and our professional financial planners will discuss your personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities.

Current state assessment: Where are you now?

Our professional financial planners gather all relevant information from you, and from there analyzes and evaluates your financial situation. We look at existing strengths and weaknesses in your financial situation and how they relate to your goals, needs, and priorities.

Creating your your financial plan: Your road map to achieve your goals.

Our professional financial planners identify and evaluate possible financial planning strategies to achieve your goals, needs and priorities, and develop recommendations to achieve them.

Financial plan implementation: Putting the plan in action.

Our professional financial planners will discuss potential strategies with you, and you will review and agree to implementation actions, responsibilities, and time frames.

Monitoring the financial plan: Regular check points and annual review.

You and our professional financial planners will agree on terms for reviewing and re-evaluating your financial situation. We suggest an annual review of the financial plan to best serve you.

“As a young professional, I worked many long hours and spend most of my time at the office. I was motivated to achieve personal and professional growth in my life. I then met Victor Godinho in April 2013 and naturally developed a business relationship with him. After a series of meetings with Victor, I grew fond of his expertise, his integrity and professionalism. Victor and I created a financial plan together that allowed me to purchase my first home and strategically save money for a retirement plan. Victor is cognizant that my time is valuable. He accommodates to my schedule and makes our time together very productive. Most importantly, Victor always follows-up with you after a meeting and educates you along the way to make informed decisions. My experience with Victor has been so positive and genuine that I was confident in referring my sister to his services. I know he takes care of me like he would take care of any one of his own personal family member. There is a vast number of financial planners and financial advisors in the community. However, Victor Godinho is truly an exceptional professional who made it possible for me to have personal, professional and financial growth. ” - C.L Toronto, ON